Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tough Times

I must begin by apologising for my tardiness in writing a new blog post. It’s been a hell of a few weeks dominated by illness including a three day vomiting festival (I have been dubbed the “vomiting cavalier” in our house) and a two week battle with bronchitis which was actually rather scary on the old gasping for air front.
However, that was then and this is now and on we go. Last Wednesday was an important day for this little permanent resident as Andy and I had our Australian Citizenship test and interview – a pass meant we get to be bona fide Aussies who can vote and get a passport and everything. I was just hoping they didn’t ask us who we support in the Ashes… It all worked out well with high scores on our tests and big ticks in the interview boxes. It’s very exciting and as soon as we officially get our “true blue” status I am going to throw an Aussie-inspired party for all the lovely friends who have helped to make our lives here so enjoyable.
In other exciting news we just sold our house! This one is bitter sweet as I love our home - it’s been such a happy place and has hosted many wonderful events including the Naming ceremony of the always-fabulous Agatha. The place has got soul. But, selling means we’ll be debt-free and able to enjoy disposable income again (Hawaii, here we come!) as well as save for the future. In that respect it’s an exciting opportunity to shape our lives and it really feels that we’ll be doing more of what makes us truly happy – spending fun times as a family, travelling and not stressing about mortgages and rates bills. Oh to be free from the tyranny of the bank!

The hunt for a suitable rental property has been painful. We didn’t think we had particularly extravagant needs – air con, 3 bedrooms, pet-friendly, fenced garden – but Lordy it’s been a challenge! Thankfully, as of 9am today we had an application accepted on a great house in a great location available at just the right time to tie in with our settlement date – phew!
And just because I can, here is a photo of Agatha enjoying a babyccino in what will be our new local café.

Good luck on your path to doing more of what makes you happy, even if it’s a bit uncomfortable/annoying/downright bloody painful at first.


  1. Sounds like life will be that much more interesting now you have sold the house and found other accommodation. It is wonderful to have some disposable income and the freedom it brings...a bit of stuff and nonsense perhaps? I must confess I've just read your profile..and joined up as a follower. Thanks for coming by my neck of the woods too.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment and to follow my little blog Carol! I definitely think stuff and nonsense is in order, it's going to be fun not having to count every cent for a while. I read your profile and it sounds like you are living the country dream - wonderful! x