Friday, January 27, 2012

A damp squib?

I had intended to write another blog post before now, especially given the amount of time I have spent indoors with all this water falling from the sky (and running down the street and coming through the roof…) but this week I have been mostly doing things that make me UNhappy. Like vomiting. The entire household was hit by some outrageous bug hell-bent on sending us all to our beds. Before disaster struck I did manage to take Agatha to music classes. They were fun but not something either of us loved so we’re on the hunt for another activity we can do together – swimming is on the list but other suggestions gratefully received.

So, on the face of it, an unsuccessful week in my campaign to do more of what makes me happy. And yet, sometimes finding out what we don’t want can be as useful as finding out what we do. Some are blindingly obvious; I don’t want to be unwell, some are surprising; I thought we’d love music classes and some are just a bit painful; I need to better manage my finances or find a suitcase full of cash to pay for roof repairs.

Although I’m dedicated to my “happiness project”, I’m no Pollyanna. Sometimes bad stuff just happens and in weeks where the weather, ill-health or unexpected financial issues crop up, I’m content with just doing less of what makes me unhappy. To this end I am eating well in order to better fight off any would-be viral marauders, I am working on a budget to future-proof us against further financial surprises and I’m taking the crazy weather as an opportunity to lie on the living room rug with my beautiful baby and be right in the moment with her. And that last one makes me very happy indeed.

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